Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Baaack...Twas a Tough Year - It is Much Better Now

Added a bit of Antique French tatting to this necklace to bring a bit of playfulness to the regal piece. See blogs and businesses for USAI now have some wonderful outlets for my jewelry, felted work and vintage fabric sachets in a couple of shops in downtown Greenville. I am very happy to have them.

 Yes, I am making sachets. Special sachets stuffed with lavender, sometimes rosemary, both of which I grow here at home. These soft and delicate sachets have been made for centuries to freshen a closet or commode. They reflect my memories of living in France.
 Sometimes, it appears to me that mixing up the materials brings life into a piece. For example, I use my sachets as a beading opportunity to give the soft bags a few touches of beaded color. They are crafted from vintage fabrics that have softened over time, so I add some glass beads to round it all out, or fill them with dried herbs. My favorites are lavender and rosemary. Sometimes I try others, such as  corriander, cinnamon or anise.

I will be sewing and filling some sachets today. in addition to photographing a new piece I am working on -- a pretty asymetrical beadwoven bracelet in coppertones. I will add a photo of it to my next posting.  See ya soon!

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