Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Looks like Christmas to me

A very distorted photo of the girl, because the white blanket she was sleeping on has obscured the beautiful profile! She really does not look like she has an anteater nose!!!

Beauty likes to be called Boo or Beauty or anything at all if she wants a bone

See blogs and businesses for USAThis is what Beauty looks like after a bath and trim.

And this is what she looks like when she is not trimmed. I think she likes this look the best!

Today I will be posting new jewelry on my Etsy site. janetkemp.etsy.com 

And, I will be creating more jewelry, making display cards for earrings and wrapping some presents. We put up our outdoor decor and lights over the weekend and everything looks  very pretty and festive. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Baaack...Twas a Tough Year - It is Much Better Now

Added a bit of Antique French tatting to this necklace to bring a bit of playfulness to the regal piece. See blogs and businesses for USAI now have some wonderful outlets for my jewelry, felted work and vintage fabric sachets in a couple of shops in downtown Greenville. I am very happy to have them.

 Yes, I am making sachets. Special sachets stuffed with lavender, sometimes rosemary, both of which I grow here at home. These soft and delicate sachets have been made for centuries to freshen a closet or commode. They reflect my memories of living in France.
 Sometimes, it appears to me that mixing up the materials brings life into a piece. For example, I use my sachets as a beading opportunity to give the soft bags a few touches of beaded color. They are crafted from vintage fabrics that have softened over time, so I add some glass beads to round it all out, or fill them with dried herbs. My favorites are lavender and rosemary. Sometimes I try others, such as  corriander, cinnamon or anise.

I will be sewing and filling some sachets today. in addition to photographing a new piece I am working on -- a pretty asymetrical beadwoven bracelet in coppertones. I will add a photo of it to my next posting.  See ya soon!