Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The body of the purse

To get to this point, I cut two pieces of fabric for one side of the purse lining and the other for the outside. I fused them together and used them as one piece.

The front of the purse is a piece of pink felt cut to fit the other side of the lining. I used roving and needle felting to create a butterfly and flowers on the front of the purse. I used sewing machine stitches to quilt the felt for detail and to attach a heart I cut from cotton cloth. I am now hand beading the purse to add some shine. I trimmed the top of the purse with vintage narrow pink ruffled lace and beaded that as well. Again I fused the lining to the felt to give the purse added stability.

The next steps could be to add more beading and later add  a magnetic closure and a strap or handle. I'll think about that later today.

Toodles! :-)

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