Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Beaded Purses in addition to Beaded Jewelry

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Hi! I hope everyone enjoyed their barbecues yesterday and had a sparkling fireworks filled evening last night. We sure did! My little schipperke/pomeranian "watch dog" chose to wait out the fireworks in the bathroom until all the hoopla and noise disappeared. She is NOT a fan of loud noises, music or voices, but she is definitely a fan of loud squalks eminating from her rubber squeeky toys.

What I've been doing? The usual. Chasing beads, chasing rainbows. My most recent necklace is the one above. You can find it on my etsy shop janetkemp88.etsy.com
This necklace was inspired by a fairy tale. It is a whimsical translation featuring a jaunty brass frog, that is nestled between two stepping stones, in this case a vintage button and one of two bronze Chinese coins. Between the two coins is a lovely square, fern green, tangerine orange, and ivory white Ocean Jasper bead, entwined within a copper wrap. Hematite and jasper beads are joined by filigree beads and connect to a lovely metal pendant that features glass pearls, rhinestones.

Two glass pearl pendants, one with an antique metal adornment -- a Ferrule -- that once graced the handle of elaborately crafted French cutlery, swing from the pendant. The other side of the necklace is made from the remnants of an antique beaded French rosary that is very weathered. The white glass beads are tinted in spots with rust as are the metal wire connectors. Accenting the rosary beads is a lovely tomato red glass bead from Japan.

The necklace fastens with a barrel clasp. It is 23 inches long from one end of the clasp to the other end. The central pendant from the tip of the Ocean Jasper stone to the bottom of the longest pearl drop is 5 1/2 inches long.

So, has the princess kissed the frog yet? Let's hear from the frog, himself...RIBBET!

I'm taking another approach to satisfying my many years of  bead addiction. I am going back to my sewing roots and combining all manners of soft fabrics and fibers with bright shiny beads and semi precious stones. It's a colorful and tactile world that I am happily entering into and just makes beading even better!

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