Thursday, July 08, 2010

An Igloo at 90 Degrees Fahrenheit

I can hardly believe how time has flown and dropped me into the month of July! I've been very busy with some issues unrelated to jewelry and I apologize for not posting sooner.

Anyway, here's what's going on in my studio and backyard! First off, I want to share what's going on in my studio.

I finished a pair of matching gemstone and glass bead woven earrings in green peridot and malachite, soft cantaloupe carnelian beads and orange and matte seed beads in purple, green, tan and orange. See photo. They are backed in suede cloth and swing from hand formed, gold filled earring wires. These are posted in my Etsy shop.

I will complete and post a matching pendant necklace today.

 As I furiously watered everything as fast as I could, lest the poor plants expire, I saw a blur arise from one of the hanging flowering plants of bright red impatiens and zoom away. I surmised it might be a grasshopper, or a toad...aargh...but, I couldn't identify it.

 Later in the day, I saw that same blur from the pot. This time it lightly skimmed the ground, but again, it was so fast, I couldn't quite see what it was. My husband took a look in the pot and found a well built nest of sticks with four speckled eggs inside.

The home belongs to a Carolina Wren, a small, brown and white bird who has built a nest in the plant! She has a built in garden apartment!  It is a tightly knit little igloo-shaped nest, built out of small sticks and the opening is on the side of the nest. Inside are four beautiful pale blue speckled eggs. What a nice surprise! I will be careful not to water that plant too vigorously.

I will post photos of the pretty wren and her eggs very soon. I think she needs a day off from humans peering into her abode.

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