Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greenville Greek Festival

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Yasoo! What a beautiful Saturday! My husband and I went downtown to the 24th annual Greek Festival, complete with live (could it have been a Bouuzouki? There are way too many classic Greek instruments for me to identify!) music, an outdoor market full of jewelry, jingling faux coin belly dance scarves, children dancing to lively music against a painted background of a Greek village, a grocery tent laden with spices and herbs, other tents featuring gyros, baklava, feta cheese and more.

We enjoyed dinner indoors at a table. My dinner included lemon chicken, dolmades, salad with feta, moussaka and, of course, a couple of the vast array of fabulous, mouth watering pastries on hand. I chose baklava drizzled with chocolate (OMG) AND Galaktoboureko, a delectable custard dessert baked between thin pastry sheets and covered in honey syrup.

After dinner we walked next door to the beautiful St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral to hear Byzantine chanting, a spiritual musical form which draws from the classical Greek age and is inspired by the monophonic(non harmonized) vocal music that evolved in the early Greek Christian cities of Alexandria, Antioch and Ephesus.

Thank goodness I have another year to work off the calories, and get prepared for the 25th Saint George Greek Festival!

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