Sunday, November 07, 2010

20 percent Sale at Delirium Designs Jewelry on Etsy

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For a limited time only, everything in my Etsy Shop is 20 percent off for the holidays! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A lovely day driving through the Gorgeous French Countryside

We had been up very early to drive to one of several vide greniers -- the French version of a neighborhood garage sale, except that the term vide greniers translates to "empty the attic." We drove through the countryside and came upon this astounding field of sunflowers in full bloom. We pulled over and got out of the car and just languished in their beauty! I thought I'd share them with you! Enjoy! 
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow! A Big Sale at Delirium Designs Jewelry and Free Shipping!

Everything in my Etsy shop --  is on sale!

Everything is 10 % off and FREE SHIPPING!  Check it out for holiday gifts and something special for yourself.

Easy shopping, fast, free shipping, 20 percent off! Nice!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Delirium Designs Jewelry Box Embellishments

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This is my typical style of preparing a box for gift giving. It will typically come with a pretty ribbon or raffia bow and is always adorned with pretty paper flowers and always in DDJ's Brand colors which are turquoise and amethyst and a shop label showing a photo of one of my handcrafted jewelry pieces, the DDJ logo and website address. 

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Falling Leaves on a Wild and Windy Day

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I just finished this piece and am gearing up to teach a bracelet class next week:
Falling leaves on a wild and windy day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Etsy Beadweavers

See blogs and businesses for USA There are just 2 days left!!! Please make sure to vote on your favorite Etsy Beadweaver's Sept. Challenge --Bollywood. We've all worked very hard to make our visions of Bollywood into a piece of beautiful jewelry. Take a look at what we have come up with. Thanks to all of you for your support!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Etsy Beadweavers challenge "Bollywood"

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Go to this link to vote for your favorite Bollywood Jewerly piece! All designs and creations are beautiful!!
Have fun and enjoy the eye candy.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Callie and Beauty get Ready for Labor Day

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My cat, Callie, is approx 16 and still the Queen of the House. Beauty, my dog, is about 6 or 7, tries to draw the boundaries between her food dish and Callie, who if Beauty brushes by her too closely, she will swat at her with her fully clawed paws. It's Friday and a holiday weekend, so it is just the right time to show some pics of my fav canine and feline family members.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beads Around the World

Beads Around the World Display for Our Local Library
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I will be teaching some beginning beading classes at our local library beginning in Sept., Oct. and Nov. It will be a lot of fun for me. When I lived in France, I taught classes at my home to a changing group of women from our International Women's Club. I haven't taught since then and I'm eager to do it again.

I also designed a display on beads, their fascination, a bit of their history, lore, and they types of beads from various countries. The display is in a glass case in the lobby, so people coming in and out of the library can take a look at it.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

An Igloo at 90 Degrees Fahrenheit

I can hardly believe how time has flown and dropped me into the month of July! I've been very busy with some issues unrelated to jewelry and I apologize for not posting sooner.

Anyway, here's what's going on in my studio and backyard! First off, I want to share what's going on in my studio.

I finished a pair of matching gemstone and glass bead woven earrings in green peridot and malachite, soft cantaloupe carnelian beads and orange and matte seed beads in purple, green, tan and orange. See photo. They are backed in suede cloth and swing from hand formed, gold filled earring wires. These are posted in my Etsy shop.

I will complete and post a matching pendant necklace today.

 As I furiously watered everything as fast as I could, lest the poor plants expire, I saw a blur arise from one of the hanging flowering plants of bright red impatiens and zoom away. I surmised it might be a grasshopper, or a toad...aargh...but, I couldn't identify it.

 Later in the day, I saw that same blur from the pot. This time it lightly skimmed the ground, but again, it was so fast, I couldn't quite see what it was. My husband took a look in the pot and found a well built nest of sticks with four speckled eggs inside.

The home belongs to a Carolina Wren, a small, brown and white bird who has built a nest in the plant! She has a built in garden apartment!  It is a tightly knit little igloo-shaped nest, built out of small sticks and the opening is on the side of the nest. Inside are four beautiful pale blue speckled eggs. What a nice surprise! I will be careful not to water that plant too vigorously.

I will post photos of the pretty wren and her eggs very soon. I think she needs a day off from humans peering into her abode.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Borosilicate beads, live blues, old friends and jugglers at 70 degrees!

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Yesterday, Mothers' Day was a glorious one indeed! My husband made breakfast for me and gave me a card that made me weep. He always does that with cards. I don't know where he finds them, but they are always wonderfully sentimental and he always adds his own words that are straight from his heart and pierce mine. What a wonderful man. I am so lucky! I heard from the girls as well, they both called me with warm wishes and I even got a bouquet of colorful roses from one daughter that graces and perfumes our bedroom.

We spent the day in our wonderful downtown area that boasts a natural waterfall right smack in the middle of town, a lovely riverside park and a pedestrian bridge over it. The temperature was 50 degrees when we arrived, but within hours it turned a very agreeable 70 degrees!

There were hundreds of venders, hawking their wonderfully creative works which included paintings, drawings, glass works, pottery, leather work, woodwork, and of course jewelry. I bought the beautiful hand crafted lamp worked borosilicate beads, which were crafted by Vermont artist, Anne Havel, and featured in this post. I cannot wait to create some designs with them.

Anne also had some gorgeous finished jewelry. If you ever get a chance to see her work, you will be delighted!

As far back as I can remember I’ve been piecing together tiny beads and shiny things to make pretty jewelry. At seven years old, I delighted in discovering the button tins that my Great Aunts kept. They were my joy, well… in addition to my Aunt Mame’s Boudoir doll. That doll sat on her bed pillow with her beaded skirt and crinoline billowed out around her and just the tip of one painted high heel shoe showing beneath. I sat quietly for hours next to that doll, sorting through buttons, beads, sequins and safety pins in the tin. I picked the tiny beads when the beads chose me, I strung them and a few sequins on the safety pins and my aunts praised me and served me ginger snaps and hot tea for creating brooches for them. I didn't know what a brooch was, but I was thrilled that my aunts were so happy with their pretty safety pins.

In the late ‘60s and ‘70s, I strung love beads to wear around my neck and I embroidered beaded flowers on the cuffs of my bell bottoms. It was around that time that became fascinated by vintage and antique jewelry. I scoured antique shops for Victorian necklaces and brooches featuring garnets and marcasite, bracelets of Bakelite and Miriam Haskell designs.

So inspired was I with the "treasures" I found, it was inevitable that I would next begin to develop and create my own designs. I studied silver fabrication and lost wax casting in college and beading at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris, GA.

A spry young 80-ish woman plucked my bags from my car trunk and carried them into the school for me before I could protest. I didn't know then that this woman who loved to cut and polish cabochons would become my mother-in-law; the bubbly man who taught chain making would become my father-in-law; or that their son, who happened to open the door to my room for me, when I couldn't, would become my husband.

In 2003, my husband and I moved to France and lived there for nearly four years. I did not work outside our home, so my days were filled with studying French and exploring the culture and people of a country so different from my own. I studied French with a tutor and I studied beading techniques from French books. I was intrigued by the French approach to beading and sought out beads and everything beady wherever I could. I frequented the local jewelry galleries, lace-making and crazy quilt schools and the two bead stores in town.

The Paris Art District has many bead shops that I would get lost in for hours and museums there showcased fine examples of bead weaving and stitchery in collections of period clothing.
Over the cold, damp winters, I taught basic bead stitches and techniques and simple bracelet patterns to students from a broad range of nationalities, though the majority were Americans and French. I held several expos of my jewelry that were well received and I became known to many as “the bead lady.”

When springtime sweeps color and life through France, the flea markets open in Paris, and in Auvergne, where I lived, weekends would find me at my favorite Brocantes rummaging through button tins again, sometimes finding vintage or even turn-of-the-century beads and buttons. one day, a bonanza of antique beads lay buried under lace remnants in a rose floral fabric covered box. I was lucky! The woman who sold them to me told me that they had been in her family for years and that they were made in Italy from Murano glass. After another day of walking the aisles at an outdoor flea market, I was overjoyed to find a cardboard box filled to the brim with clear plastic packets, weathered stiff with age, of vintage seed beads and bugle beads marked “Perles pour les robes” -- beads for dresses. I often incorporate these and other vintage and antique beads in my work.

Whole villages would turn out to sell their wares at weekend Vide Greniers (literally “empty the attic” sale). Many of these took place in small villages set in idyllic, sylvan settings, such as a farm or on the grounds of a chateau, the top of a mountain or under a volcano. It was at one of these sales that I found some of the beautiful beads featured in this blog, sold to me by Sophie, whose mother had been a couturiere in Paris in the late 1800s.

I'd like to share ideas, tips and my jewelry designs with fellow jewelry enthusiasts on any topic related to bead-woven jewelry. As I always say, it’s all about moving the beads around in such a manner as to delight the senses and soothe the savage beads.

A Bead Embroidery Necklace for Spring and Summer

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During the spring and summer I like to lose weight, not just for myself and the impending swimsuit season, but I like to pare down my jewelry creations as well, and design them to be lighter weight for the breezy, warming weather of spring and the hot and sticky days of summer.

This necklace is a lightweight example of less is more in the warmer weather. The ultra feminine, sensuous and swirly medallion drapes delicately from the center of a fine cable.

It is a simple, 3" x 1 1/2" bead woven and embroidered medallion designed around a cube Venetian foiled Sommerso glass bead. The pendant incorporates 3mm round coral beads, rose, bronze and coppery colored glass beads. The bail is bead woven in peyote stitch and slips over an 18" rose-colored cable.

The pendant is backed in pink leather. This piece is currently showcased on my Etsy site.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greenville Greek Festival

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Yasoo! What a beautiful Saturday! My husband and I went downtown to the 24th annual Greek Festival, complete with live (could it have been a Bouuzouki? There are way too many classic Greek instruments for me to identify!) music, an outdoor market full of jewelry, jingling faux coin belly dance scarves, children dancing to lively music against a painted background of a Greek village, a grocery tent laden with spices and herbs, other tents featuring gyros, baklava, feta cheese and more.

We enjoyed dinner indoors at a table. My dinner included lemon chicken, dolmades, salad with feta, moussaka and, of course, a couple of the vast array of fabulous, mouth watering pastries on hand. I chose baklava drizzled with chocolate (OMG) AND Galaktoboureko, a delectable custard dessert baked between thin pastry sheets and covered in honey syrup.

After dinner we walked next door to the beautiful St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral to hear Byzantine chanting, a spiritual musical form which draws from the classical Greek age and is inspired by the monophonic(non harmonized) vocal music that evolved in the early Greek Christian cities of Alexandria, Antioch and Ephesus.

Thank goodness I have another year to work off the calories, and get prepared for the 25th Saint George Greek Festival!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Decoupage Deja Vu

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Click on the Title to see another pair of decoupage earrings.

More Decoupage

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Decoupage is an interesting medium to work in. It evolves in layer upon layer of matter, be it paper or fabric, metal,feathers, leather or what have you. Then there are the many coats of lacquer and distressing techniques if you use is a thoughtful process that can evoke a lot of emotions and many ideas. I am testing the waters with this and find myself being led in various directions I haven't taken recently. The images I've been working with and the ways in which I've presented them are suggestive and those who have seen them have various interpretations of their own to apply to what is going on in the small illustrations. Very interesting! Here are some other of my decoupage earrings for you to look at.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Good Monday morning! It's a Beadiful Day!


Decoupage is on the agenda for this morning.  These earrings are pretty and bright, light weight  and lots of fun! They are wooden hearts decoupaged in fabric and gold foil with 10 layers of matt finish, sanding and two layers of high gloss varnish. They are finished with goldtone jumprings and earring wires and are part of my new line of affordable art hearts. A lot of hours of work goes into the craft of Decoupage, but this craft, which began in Venice, as a "poor man's hobby" combines bits and pieces of many different elements, such as paper, paint, fabric, metals, and often fragments of  language to name just a few of those elements needed  to create a "whole."  The process certainly can bring about a cathartic and very expressive experience. Take a look at my growing collection of decoupage jewelry in my Etsy shop.