Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Headdress in Progress

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I am working on several headdresses for a friend. I want to get them done soon so they will reach her for her birthday. This is a self-imposed deadline for me of Aug. 10. The black headdress is reminiscent of the '20s flapper era. There are lots of French black jet in this piece, as well as vintage glass beads.

I've been working off and on with this piece. I started it about two weeks ago with a black satin ribbon and centered a vintage bead-embroidered trim (I have a collection of beautiful vintage hand embroidery, beads, etc that I purchased from antique dealers when I lived in France) that I restored with some of the original, but superfluous beads (as they were on pieces of the motif that I trimmed from the design) vintage jet beads I have on hand.

I will further embellish this piece by adding more jet beads, beaded fringes at the temples, and the tip of an ostrich feather will be an element in the central motif.

This particular headdress will simply tie in a bow at the back of the head.
Here's a sneek peek at it in progress.

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