Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Gargoyles' Tree

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This was one view from our kitchen window in France. The 12th Century cathedral was built over a 5th Century chapel and it was literally ten steps from our door. I called it my "direct link" to God and would often walk inside to sit and meditate or pray and light candles for my daughters and anyone who needed strong spiritual energy. It felt as if I was inside of a mountain. The walls were made of volanic rock and it was damp and chilly inside. The Rose Window cast streams of red and green light on the walls and floors of the individual chaples. The stairs to the cript were worn in the middle from centuries of wear, candles burned at every alter and the lingering fragrance of incense permeated the air. In spring and summer a tree would grow on the roof and die back in the winter. You can see the small tree to the left.

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Zoya Gutina said...

Very nice view! And that tree... Awesome!