Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Hi Everyone! I'm sorry, but I totally forgot to publish a post to show the back side of my EBW challenge -- Tropical Holiday -- necklace. You see, this necklace can be worn in reverse. It's actually two necklaces in one. There is a side showing the dichroic cabochon and beaded bezel and the flip side is covered in ribbon that I purchased in France, with a design that resembles a petroglyph. I still recall strolling along a deserted beach in Kaui, Hawaii --another tropical holiday -- my honeymoon! -- and seeing an image on a boulder jutting out of the sea at low tide. When I walked back about 30 minutes later, I couldn't find the boulder. The tide had come in and the water covered it up. I never found it again. This necklace is meant to be exciting, full of energy and color and above all, lots of fun to wear. Here, you see it in reverse. Type in EBWC in the ETSY search bar to see other challenge entries.

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