Saturday, November 29, 2008

After Turkey Down Time

Yes...back to gym on Monday! We enjoyed the turkey and all the trimmings and rick rack and have been feasting on the appetizers that didn't make it to the oven, let alone the table. Time and full stomachs called it quits.
Today we tried a batch of puff pastry "fingers" brushed with Thai sweet chilli sauce mixed with soy sauce, topped with butterflied shrimp and sesame seeds. Yum! Very good, but the middles were raw dough and one end of the pastry didn't puff!
Back to the drawing board on that one. My husband fixed the next tray of of them, manipulated in various ways. He just peeked into the den to tell me he forgot the sesame seeds. Now he says the pastry is not rising. I conclude that the dough is just plumb tired, having sat in the fridge since the day before TG it is now too limp to care...just like us. We're in a triptophan semi-coma.
"I didn't see any difference at all in the amount of puffing," he says. "The ones that had two or three thicknesses are a little thicker but not any puffier...and they are all stuck to the aluminum foil. It's just a real mess. You know?"
Thank heaven we didn't try to make these on TG, I'm thinking.
We're watching Comedy Central and munching on raw dough and sticky shrimp, taking breaks now and then to design jewelry, read up on various"recipes," to turn silver, copper and brass various colors.
It's fun to have a day to relax, make a big mess and take a nap.

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