Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tropical Holiday EBWC

This is wonderful! The Etsy Beadweavers Challenge topic is "Tropical Holiday." I will be fresh back from a Florida holiday when I begin the piece. I'm sure there will be plenty to inspire and motivate me and I will definitely haunt some of the bead shops while I'm there.

I'm really excited to participate in this challenge. I've not yet had time to create a project for any of the others since I joined the group a few weeks ago. Also in February, I'll be busy planning and teaching my first class at a local bead shop. Yipeeee!

After Turkey Down Time

Yes...back to gym on Monday! We enjoyed the turkey and all the trimmings and rick rack and have been feasting on the appetizers that didn't make it to the oven, let alone the table. Time and full stomachs called it quits.
Today we tried a batch of puff pastry "fingers" brushed with Thai sweet chilli sauce mixed with soy sauce, topped with butterflied shrimp and sesame seeds. Yum! Very good, but the middles were raw dough and one end of the pastry didn't puff!
Back to the drawing board on that one. My husband fixed the next tray of of them, manipulated in various ways. He just peeked into the den to tell me he forgot the sesame seeds. Now he says the pastry is not rising. I conclude that the dough is just plumb tired, having sat in the fridge since the day before TG it is now too limp to care...just like us. We're in a triptophan semi-coma.
"I didn't see any difference at all in the amount of puffing," he says. "The ones that had two or three thicknesses are a little thicker but not any puffier...and they are all stuck to the aluminum foil. It's just a real mess. You know?"
Thank heaven we didn't try to make these on TG, I'm thinking.
We're watching Comedy Central and munching on raw dough and sticky shrimp, taking breaks now and then to design jewelry, read up on various"recipes," to turn silver, copper and brass various colors.
It's fun to have a day to relax, make a big mess and take a nap.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's raining. Yipeee! A fabulous day to work on jewelry!

The photo above is of Mermaid Cuff, a cuff bracelet that I wove entirely by hand in vintage and contemporary glass beads and couture pearls using a variety of stitches and the prettiest vintage glass button closure. It's available at my Etsy shop.

I've updated my Etsy shop with several new items. Please take a look. and do tell me what you think!

I've also added a holiday present for all my clients in the U.S. -- FREE SHIPPING UNTIL DEC. 12, WHEN MY SHOP CLOSES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. I've added several stunning new pieces at affordable prices. Yep! And, there are more to come. With the economy on the down low the way it is this season and for Heaven knows how long, I've been working on a line of jewelry that incorporates less expensive components, which equals savings on gifts for you, while you still get a gift of fine crafted one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry wrapped for gift giving and delivered to your door sans shipping fees.

No malls, no gas, no crowds, no time waste, no run of the mill gifts.

Hey! You can't beat that!

I'm so looking forward to the holidays! I'm feeling confident, hopeful and happy about the New Year. I can feel the excitement in the air already or maybe it's just in my own head...either way, I am bubbling over about the season of giving, because for me it's always been about the emotion, the love and the family gatherings, the euphoric excitement on all the kids' faces...ok... the comfort food, too.

Anyway, I thought I'd take an early opportunity to thank my family and friends and all of you who tirelessly support me as an artisan jeweler. I've been generously guided in my vocation this year. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season with oodles of love and many unprecedented miraculous blessings.

Vive l'amour!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I've been listing new pieces in my Etsy shop today. The above photo is a pair of pretty copper chain maille earrings set with pastel teal shimmery glass cathedral beads. They are light weight and swingy and lots of fun. You can find them at In addition to my regular line I'll be offering a less expensive line for those seeking holiday presents that are well made with less expensive metals than gold filled or Sterling components and less expensive beads as well. I know that our current economic woes have prevented most of us from spending on gifts this year as we did last year. So, I hope to make it a bit easier on jewelry enthusiasts.
Etsy is a great venue exclusively for handmade items. Check it out!