Friday, August 22, 2008

lots of color, shimmer and shine

I've been working on my website and making great strides in improving it...just tweaking it a bit here and there and breathing some new life into the corners that were beginning to strike me as cobwebby. I hope you'll take a look and maybe give me some feedback. I love feedback! The photo above is a design I really love. It was such a pleasure to create. I started by bending a length of sterling silver wire into a squiggly shaped armature and then I textured and annealed it with a hammer and anvil. I then wrapped fine silver wire around the armature, string Swarovski crystal beads at random around the curves. This photo doesn't show the beaded necklace strap, which is strung with lilac colored fresh water pearls, deep grape colored Czech glass beads, Bali silver bead caps and toggle clasp. I made a silver pendant that is adorned with cutwork in the center and hangs from the looped wire on which the crystal beads are strung. More pics to come tomorrow. I call this piece "To Murasaki Shikibu" a Japanese writer, whose name Murasaki literally means Violet. Good Night!


yatisalem said...

hi,,luv the way how u hammer the wire..

Jan said...

Thank you, yatisalem. I appreciate your comment. Jan