Friday, May 09, 2008

Curly Cord Earrings and Antique MOP button necklaces as promised!

The earrings in the top photo are made with chartreuse Curly cord and
Swarovksi crystals. They are very lightweight, have lots of movement and are a ton of fun!The set of photos below the earrings are two views of the first of two necklaces I was inspired to make from antique mother of pearl (MOP) buttons.
I dumped all my button tins/bins on the floor to sort out
the MOPs from all the rest and grouped them by size and design
so I could layer three buttons together as simple "rosette-like"
bunches by threading thin wire through the buttons' holes and
tugging gently on the groups to allow the rosettes to lie
The closeup button and full necklace views above are
of the very first one I attempted. I used
large, medium and small MOP buttons and alternated
and centered small powder blue antique MOP shank buttons with creamy peach Swarovski glass pearls on the tops of the second buttons. I hand-picked these buttons from antique venues across
France and Italy. This necklace is just 15" long -- choker length -- and
would look especially pretty with a colorful sundress in the
summer. I'm leaving necklace number 2 in the MOP button necklace
collection for a different post.
Look for it next week.
Have a wonderful weekend!
See the good in everything!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Beneath the Beads: Sunny French Elevator

Sometimes I get inspiration for a piece of jewelry in the strangest places. Take this one, for instance, I was in a very sunny elevator (note the glasses) carrying the flowers I'd bought at the outdoor market that morning. I was wearing a contemporary Mother of Pearl button necklace made by a French friend (who is a jewelry crafter), and carrying a chartreuse purse. I was on my way, with my husband, to our friends' apartment several floors up, for dinner. While in the elevator, I stopped thinking of what they would be having tonight... confit de canard (French for slow-roasted duck leg) with carmelized onions, and began to look at the colors around me..It was then I decided to create a pair of earrings with chartreuse curly cord -- the French love it and use it extensively in Bridal jewelry --and pink Swarovski bicones and tiny matching glass beads. I'll be posting a photo of those wonderfully fun earrings in my next blog. I also had an idea for a modified version of the necklace I was wearing in this picture, using the vintage and antique buttons I'd collected at antiques shops, brocantes (flea markets) and vide greniers (translated: "empty the attic sales,"where whole villages put their items for sale on tables outside their homes), and trocantes (warehouses where mostly used furniture and household items -- but also an occasional bead or button can be found). Look for a posting this week of the two button necklaces I designed and created from antique and vintage Mother of Pearl buttons I purchased in France and Italy. If you're into beads and buttons, you are sure to love these necklaces!