Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time to change everything...again.

Our move back home was smooth and as expected a bit involved with the physical aspect of getting the three of us (Callie the cat made the trip, too) back home and the experience of changing countries, scenery, cultures, residences, etc.

A few months after we arrived, we fell in love with a sweet little rescued dog named "Beauty." We adopted her -- here's Sleeping Beauty.

We have been here now for almost a year and getting settled enough to work on our website -- check it out (just remember, it's a work-in-progress and there are still a few glitches to iron out. http://www.deliriumdesignsjewelry.com/

I've got some interesting European-inspired ideas for incorporating cabochons into my designs. I'll be sharing some pics of them when they are finished.

Can anyone out there who works with cabs suggest another backing material other than Lacy's Stiff Stuff? Any suggestions on the type of glue to use or whether to use glue at all on the cab??? I don't normally use glue, but am considering trying a dab of a light tacky glue to hold the cab in place until it's set with stitches. (?)

Thanks for any suggestions.


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