Monday, April 24, 2006

Picnic in the Park


Spring has sprung! Saturday my husband and I packed a picnic lunch of herbed ham and spicy dijon mustard on a baguette and Italian Parma ham wrapped around a sweet, ripe melon and drove to Parc Montjuzet, where we ate our lunch under the tall pines. The branches of the cherry trees are laden with delicate white blossoms tinged in pink. When the wind blew through them a shower of petals rained all over us.
In a few weeks visitors to the park will stuff their bellies with their sweet fruit. Just as they will with the abundance of blackberries that grow along the perimeter of the park. They are not yet in bloom. It will be a while. The lilacs are just in bud; tiny tight dots of purple or white ever so slowly awakening to the warm rays of the sun. The fragrance of hundreds of rosemary shrubs fills the air and soon so will the sweet and pungent lavender. It was a beautiful day in the park. Mother Nature awakens and celebrates the season. Life is good!

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