Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beads at the Brocante Again

The Sunday brocante proved abundant in all sorts of treasures. Pres found a late 17th- early 18th- century rosary of lilac colored crystals and a pretty enameled bracelet with motifs of several French cities for me. He poked around the ancient and vintage tools and found some diecuts for shaping silver jewelry pendants. There is usually everything AND the kitchen sink at these sales. Among the notable, though undesirable items I noted were two stuffed pet dogs from a bygone age! Late in the day I found a bonanza of antique beads in a rose floral fabric covered box. The woman who sold them to me suggested they were likely Murano glass. (Photo published in following post.) Pres also pointed out bits of a heavy brass chain with links resembling pods or a tubular blossom and others that are at least 16-gauge brass pigtaled wire on which has been strung a pretty 12mm (?) brass bead. I happily gathered up all the available lengths of chain and tossed them in my sack. Here's the photo. I haven't begun to design a piece with it, but I have a few ideas in my head. The links are a bit too heavy (solid brass) for earrings, but could lend themselves to a beautiful bracelet -- or -- used sparingly they would make a nice focal point or station for a necklace.

We stopped for a cold drink at Bar l'Universe and were pleased to see that the gypsy musicians that we enjoy so much were there with an additional member, a woman with long black hair, expressive steel grey eyes who passionately sang along to the melodious strumming of the two guitars. She twirled, rattled her skirts, shimmied and stomped as if set into a frenzy by the energy aroused from the collaborative efforts of the musicians, the people watching and clapping in time, the vital and luscious Spring day!

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