Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This is my cat, Callie, sorting sea glass. She likes to push the pieces around and smell them. She likes to bat beads around too, but they often roll under the couch or hutch and she loses interest in playing and simply falls on the rug waiting to be brushed.
Callie was given away by both of her previous owners because they were moving to Europe. When we saw a poster on a telephone pole in South Carolina advertising her as "Free to a Good Home," we went to see her immediately! She was lying on a soft perch in a sunny window asleep and when I patted her head she swatted me and drew blood! I instantly fell in love with her. LOL. We took her in and after six months my husband was offered a five-year business assignment in France. (A Magic Cat?) We definitely could not and would not part with her. We did have to leave her for 2 months with friends to clear the waiting period after her rabies titer test, but two months to the day my husband made a special trip back home to retrieve her and bring her to France. She is truly spunky and can also be very affectionate, clingy and sweet. She loves to cuddle up with me and take an afternoon nap when it's raining.
Callie has a link to her own site, where she is dressed to the nines in her funny hats on my Jewelry showcase website

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